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Trying to find a cheap mobile deal on the market that offers quality at a good price can be difficult, especially if you end up tied into a long-term contract (which can now last up to 3 years!!) Let’s take a look at my current provider, GiffGaff.

Offering some very competitive deals, GiffGaff is up there with the typical mobile networks you see day in, day out. And the best thing is, they use the O2 network who provide excellent coverage across the UK.

So what deals do GiffGaff offer?

Well let’s take a look at the SIM only plans (correct as at 26/08/2019) below then:

GiffGaff call their SIM only plans “Goodybags” that range from £6 per month to £25 per month and cater for all kinds of people, whether you’re a serial data user or someone who just needs the basics to get by, GiffGaff has the plan for you. Even my mum changed to them after being with a different provider for years!

The best thing is, you’re not tied in to their SIM only deals, meaning you can change to a different Goodybag every month or cancel altogether if you’re not happy (though, I can’t see why you wouldn’t be with the service they offer alongside their deals).

Can I get a handset to go with the plans above?

Yes. GiffGaff allow you to buy some of the latest handsets available at full price, or on a contract for up to 24 months for a reasonable monthly price.

As of the date of this post (06/07/2019), the above deal was on offer for the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 at just £36.44 per month for 24 months with a £25 upfront cost. You can choose to change this by increasing the upfront cost and the term too if you wish.

Furthermore, you can select your Goodybag separate to the handset so you’re not tied into the same Goodybag for the length of the mobile phone contract.

What else does GiffGaff offer?

You can even get your credit report from them, which is very handy case you’re not sure whether or not you’d be accepted for a mobile phone contract.

Do you have an old device you want to trade-in? GiffGaff will take it off your hands to put towards a new phone. You can even buy a refurbished phone if you don’t want to buy a brand new one.

You can add credit to your account and either put it towards a Goodybag later down the line, or save and use it for when you visit outside of GiffGaff’s roaming areas – Make sure you read their roaming areas along with their terms and conditions beforehand.

They have a community of other customers who can talk about anything and everything, as well as “Labs” section where you can browse ideas and submit any suggestions you have to improve the network too.

And if all that wasn’t enough, you can invite your friends to GiffGaff tom earn “Payback Points” which an be turned into money that you can redeem or change into credit.

So in my opinion, there’s no reason not to love GiffGaff. Why not try it for yourself by clicking on the banner below to order your free SIM and get £5 free credit when you top-up for the first time by £10!

Get a free giffgaff Sim

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