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Sometimes, looking for someone else's opinion when it comes to money can be a little difficult, especially if you feel embarrassed to talk about it to your friends or family. That's why I setup this website so I can provide help and advice based on my own experiences to people who want to get a real human's thoughts without feeling judged in any way shape or form.

I've worked with debt for a while now at work and in my personal life, both of which have been challenging in very different ways. I got into debt from the age of 18 due to taking out a high interest credit card which, like a lot of other people, I began to rely on thinking it was money I had spare instead of treating it as it should be - borrowing. Of course, this led me to taking out a loan a couple of years later along with another credit, followed by a consolidation loan and so on. There were times I thought I'd continue to roll downhill with no chance of climbing back up, but that's when I decided to take control of my finances and make the money I earn work for me.

Through hours and hours of research, I've managed to get to a place where my debt seems insignificant. And despite still having a loan and a credit card, I've made these work around my own finances so I can still enjoy holidays, meals out etc. without worrying I might not have enough for my household bills.

Working in the insolvency industry, I've spoken to numerous people about their own experiences of how they got into debt, most of which wasn't their fault. However, some of their experiences are very similar to my own hence why I'm out here in the hope of helping at least 1 person to get on the right track towards being debt-free.

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